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The beautiful palette of Fine Mica Powder Pigments from Colour Passion.

By altering the amount added to your resin, you can alter the translucency and opacity of your resin.

Mica Powders can be also added to the pigment pastes when mixed with resin to give you complete artistic control over your palette.  Interference Powders really come to life on dark coloured backgrounds - give them a go and watch your art come to life.  Please read the safety information section in regards to Resin Art.

Mica Powder Pigments - Blues & Greens 40g

  • Resin Art is a beautiful form of art, it is however important to remember chemicals and fine powders are in use.  It is important to use appropriate PPE when using resin or colourants for resin.  Resin Art is NOT suitable for children and extreme caution and precautions should be taken when children and/or pets are in the vicinity of these products.  Craft Circus cannot be held responsible for misuse of these products as it is out of our control how these products are used by the customer.

    Craft Circus does NOT class ANY epoxy resin as food safe! 

    Resin Art can be done safely and is fun, exciting and gives you totally unique results each and every time you pour.  Please just do your research on safety, use safe practices and follow all recommended PPE and you will enjoy a very addictive art form.

  • For the best results and unwanted wasted resin and frustration, the general rule of thumb among resin artists is that no more than 10% pigment/powder to your amount of resin be added.

    Epoxy Resin yellows! Unfortunately that is just what happens, the amount it yellows and how quickly it yellows varies with the wide range of epoxy resins available today.  We suggest that you do your research and try a few. To minimise this as much as possible, avoid hanging your art where there is alot of sunshine and try to limit the amount of "white" used as this is the colour that will show it up more than any other colour.

    Always use the safety recommendations for all the products you use when making Resin Art.

    Some artists have had great success using resin on canvas.  It is better though to use a hard substrate such as MDF boards.  This stops the sagging and resin pulling away from the sides that can happen when using canvas.  If using your own boards its always good to prime them first.  The priming can even be done by using the main background colour of your resin pour.  Usually a matt acrylic paint is sufficient for this.


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