You are no longer limited in your chalk paint or chalk paste color choices! Coco's Chalky Powder is a natural paint additive that, once mixed with any flat latex or acrylic paint, makes a chalk-like paint or paste (depends on how much powder you add) that is perfect for crafting, home décor and antiquing furniture. 

  • Includes 1 bag of Coco's Chalky Powder (approx 300gm)
  • All natural, contains no VOC's
  • Mix with any flat latex paint to create chalk paint
  • Mix with any acrylic paint to create chalk paste
  • Made in the USA (Cleveland, OH)

To Make Chalk Paint: Mix 4 Tbsp of Coco's Chalky Powder + 2 Tbsp Water + 1 cup of FLAT latex or acrylic paint (1 bag of Coco's Chalky Powder makes 1 quart of chalk paint)
To Make Chalk Paste: Mix 2 Tbsp of Powder + 2 Tbsp of acrylic paint to make a 2 oz jar of chalk paste (adjust the powder-to-paint ratio until you get the consistency you want)

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