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The Studio is underway - now to fill it!

So the year got off to a bit of a slow start here at Craft Circus due to unplanned surgery and building delays. We are on track now for a rather belated but exciting year ahead! The studio is being built and the flooring goes in this Tuesday, with that out of the way all the fitout can begin in earnest.

Hopefully this will be a start to some exciting new workshops a few times a year for those on the northside of Brisbane. More about that in the future though.

Resin Art is a new feature in the online shop and we are really excited to be stocking the Colour Passion Pigment Pastes and Powders. These colours really are gorgeous and I am hoping to bring you some samples very shortly so you can see the colours more in context than just thumbnails on the website. Mastercast Resin will be uploaded this coming week and I have chosen the most popular sizes to start with, but just let me know if you require larger sizes and I can order them in for you. As soon as the above mentioned studio is complete, I will carry a few of the larger sizes in stock.

Sculpey Premo is being uploaded this weekend too. This was an area we felt that we were missing in the shop and so a box has arrived and just requires my attention to upload it! This weekend I promise. The 3d printer will be running hot and I hope to have some clay cutters ready soon to upload. Let me know if there is a certain shape you would love.

Artist quality paint brushes have just come in and will be uploaded this week as will canvas, art fixatives and accessories.

The new studio will have quite a few different areas set up inside for polymer clay, jewellery, resin art and painting just to name a few. We will video a few general interest and tutorial videos for you and I will let you know all about them when they happen.

If you have a special art or craft interest or you want a certain brand of something, let me know and if I can get it for you, I will. Likewise if I can't I will let you know. We have all the major suppliers so I would be surprised if there is anything I can't source for you.

Just looking at the title of this post - I really don't think I am going to have trouble filling this new studio :) I will keep you all posted on all the new developments and stock.

Have a great Arty Crafty week


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